Minisode 4 – Clank Souls

With Insomniac’s greatest duo taking residence on your hard drive and hitting the silver screen, our latest minisode focuses on the intergalactic antics of the chart-topping Lombax. We throw thoughts around like fusion grenades, with acting editor Ben Wilson flash-banging on about his love for GTA V’s structure, staff writer Jen explosively proclaiming her love […]

OPM Podcast 2016 – Issue 122

With editor Matt Pellett off on sabbatical, acting editor Ben Wilson steps into the host’s chair for another episode that’s teeming with #topbantz… Fortunately, there’s plenty of games chat to keep us on track. Editor Ben becomes the first person to make the case for Marc Eckō’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure getting a remaster, Jen […]

OPM Podcast 2015 Episode 04

It’s time for a double-dose of Official PlayStation Magazine podcasting! The hot topics in this double episode include television obsessions, dream Hitman levels and Project Morpheus’ best game. Click to download the new episode