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It’s all about the hands-on in episode 28 of the Official PlayStation magazine podcast as editor Ben Wilson and the team discuss their impressions of Skyrim and Saints Row The Third from recent behind-closed-doors gameplay sessions, as well as the shock verdicts on new football games FIFA 12 and PES 2012. Also discover the team’s favourite fun-but-crap PlayStation games (godspeed, Jaws Unleashed), hear what robots think of Crytek adopting the Homefront series, and join in with a special gaming edition of Snog Marry Avoid. (Sadly minus Jenny Frost.)

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This month Official PlayStation Magazine’s podcast sees editor Ben Wilson and the team recapping the highs (Borderlands 2, Joe Danger The Movie, a currywurst a day) and lows (bottled German water, nights in listening to Erasure) of Gamescom, finally looking to end the war between Battlefield 3 and Call Of Duty, and getting robots to analyse the future of PES. Yes, really. Also discover what would happen if Jedward or Katie Price were ever immortalised in game form (it’s not pretty), and discover why deputy editor Leon Hurley thinks FIFA could be improved with… sniper rifles.

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