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Fresh from this year’s Gamescom, editor Ben Wilson and the OPM team convene to discuss what surprises the event revealed. With info directly from the show floor we talk about Bioshock Infinite, explain LittleBigPlanet 2’s new sequencer mode, and try to decipher what the Resistance 3 teaser trailer might mean for the threequel. We also see if our pre-show predictions came true (the ones that weren’t cheaty), and get excited about what’s changing in FIFA 11.

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This month the OPM podcast team are sitting in the dark and shining torches in each other’s faces as they talk PlayStation horror games. Also up for discussion is our controversial Mafia II review, a report from Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine’s dev studio, and we ask whether Catlevania: Lords of Shadow could be a God Of War III beater. Surprising answer: maybe. Plus we’ll be gazing into our crystal balls and trying to predict this year’s Gamescom announcements. (It can’t be worse than the complete strike out at E3.) All that, and your emails and tweets answered.

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