OPM UK Podcast Episode 12

It’s our birthday this month on the Official PlayStation Magazine podcast, and to celebrate a year of crowding into a small room and talking we’re giving away a 4GB iPod Shuffle, some signed Final Fantasy artwork and more. We also talk about Killzone 3 in 3D, why Singularity has been unfairly overlooked, what the team makes of PlayStation Move and why Rage could be the shooter of 2011. We also take a look back over the E3 predictions made by the team in the last podcast, and rule out a career in fortune telling forever.

Click to download Episode 12


2 thoughts on “OPM UK Podcast Episode 12

  1. How can you say Fallout 3 is the glitchiest game ever, two minutes before mentioning your Red Dead Redemption marathon?

    The volume of glitches in RDR sets a new milestone, we tolerate it because all the things it does right outweighs them.

    On this subject, have you ever played a game that was either so buggy, or one particular bug completely screwed up the games experience that you switched it off and never went back?

  2. i had loads of problems playing fallout3 mainly freezing. but the onl had one problem with red dead, when i pushed my horse to far untill it kicked me off mr marston would run off, and i couldn’t do nothing about it but to reload.
    as for the other question, i could never ever do that safe level on ‘know one lives for ever’ on playstation2 swear that was glitched lol, tried 100s of times

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