OPM UK Podcast Episode 11

This month on the Official PlayStation Magazine podcast the team discuss cover game Call Of Duty: Black Ops, talk about Halo developer Bungie’s upcoming PS3 game, and laugh about what happened to Joel’s trousers while he was reviewing Red Dead Redemption. There’s also the team’s reactions to LittleBigPlanet 2, our predictions for E3 and, somehow, the continued appearance of Robot Flame Wars. Enjoy.

Click to download Episode 11


2 thoughts on “OPM UK Podcast Episode 11

  1. Another great show guys. Love your podcasts – wish you could do them weekly. So yeah, there’s a question for your next podcast: ever thought of doing it weekly? (Guess I’ll have to wait another month before I find out :D)

  2. In this podcast you discussed what games you want to be made into a films well i thought kane and lynch as it has a good storyline, even if the gameplay is average. I quickly discovered that it is being made into a film with Bruce Willis and Jamie Fox. what do you think of this please give me a mention.

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